Which nitro rc gas car is right for you?

nitro rc gas car chassis

There are many types of gas powered RC cars to choose from. Starting out, you can try the fast 1/10th scale rc gas cars, and as you gain experience, it is best to move on to the even faster 1/8th scale gas rc car category. 1/10th scale gas rc cars are usually powered by 0.12 size engines that have around ½ to 1 horsepower. (Great mini contraptions aren’t they?)  Normal speeds are in the range of 30 mph, but some are capable of speeds in excess of 50 mph.For the skilled rc car hobbyist, 0 .21 size engines that have 2 to 3 horsepower power 1/8th scale gas rc cars. Twice the power of 1/10th scale, these cars are capable of racing speeds in excess of 70 mph! Now were talkin!

It is probably better to stick to 1/10 scale gas rc gas cars first if you are still a beginner. However, I cannot stop you from having immense fun with faster rc cars. My only advise is to be careful and be safe when testing out your rc car. Avoid huge ramps for the meantime….if you know what I mean. Lol! =)

Here’s a nice video

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  1. Hi,
    Loved the video and article when you can not get to a track or even outside the next best thing is to watch the cars via video.


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