What is the role of a nitro rc wheelie bar?

The role of a wheelie bar is to keep the RC car or truck’s front end from lifting too far off the ground. Just like in drag racing, this occurrence means big trouble. It is also used to keep it from lifting during fast acceleration to promote safety and keep it on the track. When performing a wheelie, these bars keep the rc car from flipping over. RC vehicles that need wheelie bars are rear wheel drive vehicles with a lot of torque or power. When the front end lifts and only the rear tires are on the ground, the wheelie bar keeps the vehicle stabilized and allows the rear wheels to maintain traction during acceleration.

Wheelie Bar by Traxxas

Wheelie bars attach to the back of an rc car and come in different sizes to cater to rc car size, wheelie angle, etc.

Wheelie bars available on amazon

An rc car wheelie is a manuever wherein an rc car or truck is driving on its back tires with the front tires up off the ground.


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