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Hi! Leon here. Today we are gonna talk about electric rc cars and trucks. If you are just starting out in the RC cars hobby, ready-to-run electric cars or trucks are the best choice because they get working with very little effort – charge a battery pack and go.

Ferrari 599 electric rc car

It is helpful to know about some of the excellent, hobby-quality, electric vehicles that come completely assembled with radio systems pre-installed. These vehicles are classified as ready-to-run (RTR) and are ideal for backyard or street bashing. Most of these vehicles can also be used for competitive racing; in particular, Team Associated and Losi electric rc car vehicles are raced at local race clubs throughout the USA and Canada. In contrast, many times it is difficult to start a gas vehicle and they require a lot of adjustments to run in comparison to electrics. As for top speed, either gas or electric cars and trucks can be very fast, but
generally speaking, gas vehicles have higher top speeds out of the box than electrics. A gas vehicle will typically run in the 30 to 50 mph range, while an electric rc truck will be in the 15 to 30 mph range.

In order to run any of these vehicles, batteries and a charger is also needed.

dynamite prophet plus AC/DC charger

RC kits needed: A Dynamite Prophet Plus AC/DC Peak Charger (RC-DYN4049), 8 ‘AA’ batteries (RC-EH AA) and….

3300 nimh stick battery pack

a 3000 or 3300 NiMH Stick Battery Pack (RC-VEN 1532 or RC-VEN 1540) are suggested.

For the Traxxas E-Maxx electric rc truck, an additional Stick Pack is also needed. By the way, if you can afford it, buying a few extra battery packs is a good idea too. While choosing the battery pack keep in mind that higher the mAh
rating, the longer the battery run time. That is, a 3000 mAh battery pack will provide you with twice the run time of a 1500 mAh battery pack. Battery packs with 2400 or 3000 mAh ratings are expensive to
purchase. If cost is an issue, 1500 mAh NiCD packs are very economical to purchase and work well in any RC vehicle.

It is important to know how to take care of batteries for the electric models and what care should be taken while charging them, at what levels they should be discharged, what precautions to be taken before
storing them and re-using them. In case of an E-maxx average battery run times is 8 min for 1500 mAh
NiCD Sport Packs, 10 min for 2000 mAh NiCad Sport Packs and 13 min for 3000 mAh NiMH Sport Packs. The battery run times listed are based upon a stock Traxxas E-Maxx electric rc truck in 2nd gear running on a typical outdoor dirt race track. If you run E-Maxx is run in 1st gear then battery run times will be a lot longer than the ones stated earlier. Also, it is important to note that battery run times depend upon a number of other factors, such as, outside air temperature, gear ratios, weight of hop-ups on your truck, driving style and the amperage the battery packs are charged at.

Some good models for electric RC cars for On-Road Cars are:

Losi Drift-R Sedan RTR w/XR2i electric rc car

Losi Drift-R Sedan RTR w/XR2i

HPI Sprint Porsche RTR, Tamiya Nissan 350Z Nismo XB Pro RTR, Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC XB 2004 RTR, Team Associated RC10 TC4 Touring RTR, Team Losi XXX-S Sport II Sedan RTR, Thunder Tiger TS- 4 e Sport Focus RTR, Traxxas 4-Tec RTR EP.

In the case of Off-Road Stadium Trucks:

Traxxas E-maxx RTR 4WD electric rc truck
Traxxas E-maxx RTR 4WD

Traxxas Rustler RTR electric rc truck, Team Associated RC10 T4 Limited Edition RTR, Team Losi XXX-T Sport RTR are good performers. Popular choices in category of Off-Road Buggies are Tamiya XB Gravel Hound RTR electric rc buggy, Tamiya XB Super, Manta Ray RTR, Tamiya XB Rising Storm RTR, Team Associated RC10 B4 Special Edition RTR, Traxxas Bandit RTR. Tamiya Mighty Bull XB RTR – 2WD, Traxxas Stampede RTR – 2WD excel in the category of Off-Road Monster Trucks.