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RC car Servo

Futaba Servo

The rc car servo is a small mechanical motor with decide the speed and direction the car will travel.
A gas car has two servos, one connected to the carburetor, another to the steering mechanism.
The servo connected to the carburetor controls the speed of the car. It also controls the braking mechanism.
The second servo is connected to the steering mechanism, controlling the direction of the car’s front wheels.
As for doing servo motor repairs, it would be advisable to consult an expert.

RC car Frequency Crystals

Frequency Crystals

The transmitter sends signals to the receiver on a specific frequency. Removable frequency crystals, located at both the transmitter and receiver, determine this frequency.

An rc crystal mhz may be in the works in the near future.

Be careful, the crystal with an Rx label is used for the receiver, and the Tx label for the transmitter. The purpose of these frequency crystals is to ensure that signals from car do not interfere with signals for another car. For example, if you are using a frequency of 27.255, make sure no one nearby is using the same frequency.

Operating two cars next to each other using the same frequency will cause loss of
control and cause the cars to crash. Make sure that the people you play with are on a
different frequency than what you are using.


Radio Control System

In hobby quality RC cars, the radio control system is fully proportional. This means that the speed of the car can be finely controlled. You can go at 0% to 100% full speed, and any speed in between, just like a real car. The same goes for steering the car. You can turn left gently, or turn left aggressively. You can turn right gently, or turn right aggressively. Radio control parts that are installed inside a nitro RC car:

Radio Control System

1. Receiver

2. Fail safe

3. Servo for carburetor and brakes

4. Servo for steering

5. Receiver batteries

6. On/off switch

Nitro rc cars and trucks look cool. It’s a pride to own one and it looks great on road and off road. But they do cost a lost as well. Well, in order not to end up with a piece of junk or spend way too much on a simple model, some tips should be kept in mind.

Traxxas Revo RTR Nitro rc truckTraxxas t-maxx RTR nitro rc truck

For a beginner nitro rc stadium trucks or monster trucks can be great fun. But monster trucks are not as fast as stadium trucks. A Nitro rc Stadium truck can nail down to 50-60 mph and can take huge jumps but tear up some asphalt.

Cen Racing Matrix RTR Nitro rc buggy

Rc Buggies are also pretty much like stadium trucks. HPI MT2 18SS seems to be a pretty good truck. If you’ve never had a high powered nitro or electric car before, you might want to start with a 4wd car. They’re much easier to control.

Nitro rc car kit 2nitro rc car kit 3

RC kits are easy to use and readily available. They are fairly popular too. Another plus point for the same is that help for them is also readily available. With an RTR kit you get a decent radio and the car for a decent price. It is always advisable to find a manufacturer that has good following. It leads you to find parts, hop ups, technical advice, etc easily available. Parts for RC kits are also readily available.

Nitro RC car starter kit

While buying kits there might some other things that need to be bought along with the RC kit or separately. Most of the time, the kits come with a car and a motor only. Some more advanced models come without motor at all. The RTR RC kits usually come with a radio and actually do not require much building up. They are around 97% completely built. You will also need to buy a nitro fuel that is especially for the Remote Control cars. Keep a check not to end up buying a Nitro Fuel for a Remote control Plane. For radio controlled cars, petrol can also be a fuel source.

Nitro rc car glow plug igniterNitrotane Engineered rc car fuel

A glow plug igniter is also required. They come in various different shapes and kinds but more or less all are same but some come with a meter to show how much of fuel is left. A fuel bottle is also necessary. They are not an absolute necessity, but make pouring fuel into the tank much easier than out of a one gallon can. Investing in a good air filter is always a wise decision. This would make up all the necessary things while buying a Nitro car. Other handy stuff that may come in useful should be tucked in a fishing tackle box. This would include things likes screw drivers, a cleaning sock, needle nose pliers, some spare screws, glues etc. Put all these things into seperate slots to make it a little more organized.
If you have had some experience with RC cars earlier then build-it-up kits are also advisable. Build-it-yourself and unassembled kits generally have higher quality parts and you can choose your own engine and other parts. This is more advisable for people who have already had some equipment and move from one model to another. So the cost drops after the initial investment. This also helps to know your kit in and out and makes you more familiar with your vehicle.

Hope these tips help. More tips on the next posts.