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Hi! Leon here!

There are a lot of places on the net offering micro RC cars. Good things come in small packages. So if you want to have some fun with cheap RC cars in budgeted space and means, Micro RC cars are good options. It would not be fair enough to pin down to a particular model being the best. Each car has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  If you need to choose about buying an RC car it depends mainly on your choice, budgets and needs.

Hobbico Microsizers

Hobbico Microsizers also known as Tomy Bit Char-G in Japan are small sized nexpensive and durable models with lots of mods. But they have limited range, short driving time and only four available frequencies with no proportional steering. These micro sizers can be great fun as races for them can be set up in small spaces like kitchen floor. Although these do not have proportional steering and a short run time but nevertheless they give good time for a race. They simply use a pack of AA batteries. The standard controllers are not sophisticated but are adequate. If required booster controllers can be purchased separately.

Takara Digi Q

Takara Digi Q models are durable and very small with a good quality controller, proportional steering and longer driving time. They use two motors to control speed and steering. Thus at corners this car tends to go slow because if you want to turn right the right motor slows down. It sends its signals via Infrared instead of radio frequency to control the car. Thus the car does not handle well. The controller of this car feels solid in your hands and you can electronically switch between high and low speeds. These cars usually come in cartoon looking bodies.

Epoch Indoor Racer

Epoch Indoor Racers have proportional steering and racing speeds and more realistic body designs. These cars require larger racing areas as they have poorly designed controllers. They are more expensive and limited mods along with after market parts. It is a bit larger for a most of the micro remote controlled cars. The speed and responsiveness makes it fun for drivers who do not mind paying a little more for micro remote controlled cars.

Kyosho Mini Z Street racer

Kyosho Mini Z Street racers and Kyosho Mini Z Formula 1 are like real racers. All the electronics components in them are pre-installed. They also have many clubs all across the globe. This makes these models very popular. Their bodies have surprising details and cool parts that are easily available. They are approximately six inches in length.
HPI Micro RS4 is approximately nine inches in the length. It is a lot bigger and more realistic. Therefore it tends to be more expensive. Further, its radio and electronics have to be separately purchased.

Micro remote control cars have one advantage of not having a longer down time with batteries as compared over other bigger models. If you charge your batteries multiple times then they give a longer run. This does not mean doing the ritual ten-fifteen times but two or three times is sufficient.

SANYO eneloop 4 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

Most of the micro remote control cars come with NiCad batteries but it is better to go with NiMAH batteries as they don’t seem to have memory problems that typically plague the NiCad batteries. Moreover, they also accept multi-charging better. This is the reason that micro remote control cars get a longer run time.

RC cars come in an array of sizes! Its best to choose which one fits you! Have fun with your micro RC car!

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