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The power of the TRX® 2.5 Racing Engine pushes the Nitro Rustler to the limits! With insane top speeds of 47+mph, blowing away everything else in its class is a breeze! Simple clutch bell change pushes it past 50mph! Now this is where it gets really wicked!

Excellent weight distribution and precisely engineered suspension geometry give the Nitro Rustler the handling prowess you need to take control on the track.

Rustler sports a stunning 6-color ProGraphix® body and decal set. At the corners you’ll find a set of bold 2.8″ mirror-chrome All-Star™ wheels wrapped with performance-engineered tires, pre-glued, of course. The precision-engineered tread patterns and rubber compounds were designed to meet the performance requirements of the 65+mph Traxxas Jato (Nitro) so they are sure to provide Rustler with excellent traction. Alias™ step-pins at the rear and sharp-edged Alias ribbed tires up front hug the corners for a solid, planted feel. The wild graphics on the included ProGraphix® painted body and the sparkling TRX® Pro-Star™ chrome wheels show off with style. Starting the TRX 2.5 Racing Engine is a snap with Traxxas’ exclusive EZ-Start® push-button starter.

Only Traxxas Rustler could put this kind of performance, innovation, and overall value into a Ready-To-Race package that delivers the satisfaction you expect from a high-performance electric stadium truck. Speed, durability, and stunning looks are what make the Rustler a cut above the rest. Traxxas’ forward thinking and “no-nonsense” approach brings you the most performance for your R/C investment (woohooo!). Whether you’re at the park or on the track, the Rustler delivers sophisticated performance and handling that makes the race track anywhere you want to drive. gdxvmkyct5

Get your own fully customized Traxxas Rustler that reaches 50+ MPH in a flash!


nitro rc gas car chassis

There are many types of gas powered RC cars to choose from. Starting out, you can try the fast 1/10th scale rc gas cars, and as you gain experience, it is best to move on to the even faster 1/8th scale gas rc car category. 1/10th scale gas rc cars are usually powered by 0.12 size engines that have around ½ to 1 horsepower. (Great mini contraptions aren’t they?)  Normal speeds are in the range of 30 mph, but some are capable of speeds in excess of 50 mph.For the skilled rc car hobbyist, 0 .21 size engines that have 2 to 3 horsepower power 1/8th scale gas rc cars. Twice the power of 1/10th scale, these cars are capable of racing speeds in excess of 70 mph! Now were talkin!

It is probably better to stick to 1/10 scale gas rc gas cars first if you are still a beginner. However, I cannot stop you from having immense fun with faster rc cars. My only advise is to be careful and be safe when testing out your rc car. Avoid huge ramps for the meantime….if you know what I mean. Lol! =)

Here’s a nice video

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Hi! Leon here! Being a nitro rc fan, means a lot of fun fun fun! Here’s a few tips to get you started.

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Nitro rc car

Nitro rc car

Equipment for Gas RC Cars:
Gas RC cars are actually simpler and require less equipment than electric RC cars. All
you need to buy are the following:
1. Car
2. 2-stroke engine
3. Radio control system
4. Glow plug igniter
5. Glow plug (included in the engine)
6. Fuel
7. Fuel bottle
8. AA-size batteries

The best part is companies are now selling ready-to-run (rtr) RC gas cars that come complete with all the equipment mentioned above. Simply open the box, put fuel, start the engine, and enjoy playing!

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