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RC cars and real cars have a lot of similarities. One of them is the engine the the device that starts it. This device is called the spark plug for real cars and glow plug for rc cars. Here’s a brief explanation of glow plugs and glow plug igniters.

Glow Plug

gas rc car glow plug

2-stroke engines have a glow plug. The purpose of the glow plug it to ignite the fuel/air mixture inside the cylinder, similar to spark plugs. When starting an engine, the glow plug igniter provides 1.5 volts to heat up the glow plug’s filament. Once the engine has started, the glow plug igniter can be removed.


  • A good glow plug will have a filament that
    heats up to a bright orange/yellow/red
  • Not all glow plugs are the same. Use only
    glow plugs specified in your engine’s

Glow Plug Igniter

nitro rc car glow plug igniter

2-stroke engines have a glow plug. The glow plug is the one that creates a spark inside the engine, which ignites the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder, causing the crankshaft to rotate. In short, the glow plug is similar to the spark plug on a real engine. To start a 2-stroke engine, 1.5 volts must be applied to the glow plug. This will heat up the coil, which will then ignite the fuel/air mixture. Once the engine is running, the 1.5-volt supply is removed from the glow plug. The glow plug igniter is the device that provides the 1.5-volt supply to the glow plug. It can be as simple as a sub-C battery with alligator clips, or can be a purpose made device powered by 1.5-volts.

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