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nitro rc car pistol type transmitternitro rc car stick type transmitter

The transmitter is what you hold in your hand. Your left hand is usually used to “squeeze” the trigger, which controls the speed of the car. The more you squeeze, the faster the car will go. If you want to stop or brake, push the trigger towards the opposite direction. Your right hand controls the “steering wheel” on the transmitter. This controls the direction of the car, whether to turn left, right, or just go straight. The stick type used two “sticks”. The left stick is used to control the speed of the car, and the right stick is used to steer the car.

  • The pistol type uses a “trigger” and a steering wheel. The trigger is used to control the speed of the car, the wheel to steer the car.
  • The transmitter needs a 12-volt supply to run, usually via eight AA sized batteries.


nitro rc car futaba 2 channel receiver

The receiver is a small rectangular device mounted on the car. It has a wire (usually 19”) that acts as an antenna to receive signals from the transmitter.
Gas cars need a 2-channel radio control system. 2-channel means that
there are 2 servos connected to the receiver. The receiver needs a 6-volt supply to run, usually via four AA sized

RC car tips:

  • Never, ever, cut the antenna wire. I know… the wire is long… but still, resist the temptation to cut it.
  • To avoid radio glitches, keep the receiver and antenna as far away as possible form the 2-stroke engine.

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